Backdoor.Win32.Cafeini.b Denial Of Service

Backdoor.Win32.Cafeini.b malware suffers from a denial of service vulnerability.

MD5 | dfbc48ed85c52c48d3ad5ed48b269720

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - (c) 2022
Original source:
Contact: [email protected]

Threat: Backdoor.Win32.Cafeini.b
Vulnerability: Denial of Service
Family: Cafeini
Type: PE32
MD5: b24c56abb4bde960c2d51d4e509d2c68
Vuln ID: MVID-2022-0525
Disclosure: 03/25/2022
Description: The malware listens on TCP port 51966 and is packed by a modified UPX implementation. Third-party adversaries who can reach an infected system can terminate the malware by issuing the cmd DIEDIEDIE, without being required to authenticate.

UPX1:004560B4 aDiediedie db 'DIEDIEDIE',0 ; DATA XREF: sub_406C68:loc_40739E
UPX1:004560B4 ; sub_40DB4D+255B
UPX1:004560BE align 10h

C:\>nc64.exe x.x.x.x 51966
CAFEiNi 1.1
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