Loki RAT (Relapse) Directory Traversal / Arbitrary File Deletion

Loki RAT (Relapse) malware suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability that can allow for arbitrary file deletion.

MD5 | 4bef4a286d43bda4977fcfb80e5556af

Discovery / credits: Malvuln - malvuln.com (c) 2022
Original source: https://malvuln.com/advisory/aabb54951546132e70a8e9f02bf8b5ba.txt
Contact: [email protected]
Media: twitter.com/malvuln

Threat: Loki RAT (Relapse)
Vulnerability: Directory Traversal - Arbitrary File Delete
Description: The LokiRAT WebUI panel for "LokiRAT_Relapse.exe" runs on PHP and MySQL and is used control infected hosts through a central server.
The admin webpage "admin.php" takes four parameters pass, command, id and type. Theres a single check to authenticate $_GET['pass'] against a hardcoded clear-text password in settings.php.

The backend "admin.php" code has an upload feature, it uses PHP "unlink" function to delete a file before moving the new one. However, the code does not
use any secure coding practices, sanitize or filter user input for directory traversal characters "/../". This can allow authenticated users, compromised bots or third-party attackers
who can guess the password check, ability to delete any file E.g. ".php", ".htaccess" etc in the root panel outside the "uploads/" dir, causing Loki web panel to become inoperative.

admin.php snippet:

case "upload":
$fullfilename = "uploads/" . $_GET['filename'];
if (file_exists($fullfilename)) unlink ($fullfilename);
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $fullfilename);

Family: Loki
Type: WebUI
MD5: aabb54951546132e70a8e9f02bf8b5ba
MD5: 16c33e28c8c9b3ea71249ad94be4bf94 (admin.php)
Vuln ID: MVID-2022-0509
Disclosure: 03/05/2022

delete "settings.php" file which holds database connection, rendering the backend inoperative.


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