Nortek Linear eMerge E3-Series Credential Disclosure

Nortek Linear eMerge E3-Series versions 0.32-07p, 0.32-07e, 0.32-07p, 0.32-08f, and 0.32-09c suffer from an administrative credential disclosure vulnerability.

SHA-256 | 307313c2ca8b81c83cd5647ca35cba3eab21050364f124ce96583e8dff6bcfd4

# Exploit Title: Nortek Linear eMerge E3-Series - Information
Disclosure lead to access admin dashboard
# Exploit Author: Omar Hashim
# Version: 0.32-07p,0.32-07e,0.32-07p,0.32-08f,0.32-09c
# Vendor home page :
# Vendor home page :
# Authentication Required: No
# CVE : CVE-2022-31269

# Description
Admin credentials are stored in clear text at the endpoint /test.txt
(This occurs in situations where the default credentials admin:admin have been
changed.) Allows an unauthenticated attacker to obtain admini
credentials, access
the admin dashboard of Linear eMerge E3-Series devices, control entire building
doors, cameras, elevator, etc... and access information about employees who can
access the building and take control of the entire building

#Proof Of Concept:


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