libCoreEntitlements CEContextQuery Arbitrary Entitlement Returns

On newer macOS/iOS versions, entitlements in binary signature blobs are stored in the DER format. libCoreEntitlements.dylib is the userspace library for parsing and querying such entitlements. The kernel has its own version of this library inside the AppleMobileFileIntegrity module. libCoreEntitlements exposes several functions, such as, for example, to convert entitlements to a dictionary representation (e.g. CEQueryContextToCFDictionary) or to query a specific entitlement (CEContextQuery). Unfortunately, different functions traverse the DER structure in a subtly different way, which allows one API to see one set of entitlements and another API to see a different set of entitlements.

SHA-256 | 9313c983a56ba7500d8b9861b16b1c103ae3a9454de12a836126f89cec59a1b8

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