Inchoo Facebook Connect Cross Site Scripting

Inchoo Facebook Connect plugin suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

MD5 | 5a0e026b50724d8c4897217a8c2acb1e


Inchoo Facebook Connect (Magento Plugin)

Reflected cross-site scripting.

Within ./app/code/community/Inchoo/Facebook/Block/Channel.php

return '<script src="'.($this->isSecure() ? 'https://' :
'http://').''.($this->getData('locale') ?
$this->getData('locale') : $this->getLocale()).'/all.js"></script>';

locale isn't escaped, so it is possible to submit <script> tags which
will be executed by the browser.

Disclosure timeline:
04-Jul-2014 - Reported to Magento vendor.
07-Jul-2014 - Reported to Inchoo developer. Plug-in no longer
maintained (superseded).
07-Aug-2014 - Patch released
04-Apr-2017 - Public disclosure.

Discovered by Patrick Webster

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