Friends In War Make Or Break 1.7 SQL Injection / Login Bypass

Friends in War Make or Break version 1.7 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability that allows for login bypass.

MD5 | 9e69d4ab1c94c51b9c7bc0dfe083c0cb


[x] Type: Admin login bypass via SQLi

[x] Vendor:

[x] Script Name: Make or Break

[x] Script Version: 1.7

[x] Script DL:

[x] Author: Anarchy Angel

[x] Mail: anarchy[dot]ang31@gmail[dot]com

[x] More info:


Navigate to scripts admin login page and submit admin' or ''='-- for username

and it should give you access to the admin area. A quick release to
kick off DefCon festivities. See you there! Enjoy >:)

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