WordPress YouTube Embed Plus 11.8.1 Cross Site Request Forgery

WordPress YouTube Embed Plus plugin version 11.8.1 suffers from a cross site request forgery vulnerability.

MD5 | ea7597e199209fb2c929ee36c93e054e

Software: YouTube
Version: 11.8.1
Homepage: https://wordpress.org/plugins/youtube-embed-plus/
Advisory report: https://security.dxw.com/advisories/csrf-in-youtube-plugin/
CVE: Awaiting assignment
CVSS: 4.3 (Medium; AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:N/I:P/A:N)

CSRF in YouTube (WordPress plugin) could allow unauthenticated attacker to change any setting within the plugin

The plugin contains a CSRF vulnerability which allows an attacker to change any setting in the plugin so long as they can cause a logged-in admin user to follow a link.
The impact of the CSRF vulnerabilityA appears to be limitedA because it seems thatA the plugin is not vulnerable to XSS orA anything else which could be used in conjunction with the CSRF vulnerability.

Proof of concept
Visit a page with the following content, and click submit:
<form method=\"POST\" action=\"http://localhost/wp-admin/admin.php?page=youtube-my-preferences\">
<input type=\"text\" name=\"ytprefs_submitted\" value=\"Y\">
<input type=\"text\" name=\"apikey\" value=\"HELLO\">
<input type=\"submit\">
The aYouTube API Key:a value will be set to aHELLOa.
In a real attack, forms can be auto-submitted.

Upgrade to versionA 11.8.2 or later.

Disclosure policy
dxw believes in responsible disclosure. Your attention is drawn to our disclosure policy: https://security.dxw.com/disclosure/

Please contact us on [email protected] to acknowledge this report if you received it via a third party (for example, [email protected]) as they generally cannot communicate with us on your behalf.

This vulnerability will be published if we do not receive a response to this report with 14 days.


2017-06-12: Discovered
2017-07-18: Reported toA [email protected]
2017-07-18: First response from vendor, promises a new version
2017-07-19: New version released (changelog says aMake settings form more securea)
2017-07-25: Advisory published

Discovered by dxw:
Tom Adams
Please visit security.dxw.com for more information.

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