OpenText Document Sciences xPression 4.5SP1 Patch 13 Cross Site Scripting

OpenText Document Sciences xPression version 4.5SP1 Patch 13 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability in the Deployment functionality.

MD5 | 6e5c04b08d1a5f0eda27f3fc765d7b41

Title: OpenText Document Sciences xPression (formerly EMC Document
Sciences xPression) - Cross-Site Scripting
Author: Marcin Woloszyn
Date: 27. September 2017
CVE: CVE-2017-14756

Affected Software:
OpenText Document Sciences xPression (formerly EMC Document Sciences xPression)

Exploit was tested on:
v4.5SP1 Patch 13 (older versions might be affected as well)

Cross-Site Scripting (User Interaction):

It is possible to inject Javascript into the application which will be
reflected to unaware application users upon certain interaction with
the application.
This might allow an attacker to perform actions on behalf of unaware
application users.
In order to remediate the issue, proper input validation, sanitizing
and output encoding should be conducted on server side.

No CSRF token is necessary for exploitation.

Vector :

1) visit https://[...]/xAdmin/html/Deployment?show=true&cat_id=501egdkn'%2balert(1)//&show=true

2) click on "xPresso Documents" - XSS is triggered.



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