VelotiSmart WiFi B-380 Camera Directory Traversal

VelotiSmart WiFi B-380 Camera suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability.

MD5 | 8751fc8d501690682d891ec46e468a3f

Title: Vulnerability in VelotiSmart Wifi - Directory Traversal
Date: 12-07-2018
Scope: Directory Traversal
Platforms: Unix
Author: Miguel Mendez Z
Vendor: VelotiSmart
Version: B380
CVE: CVE-2018a14064

Vulnerability description
- The vulnerability that affects the device is LFI type in the uc-http service 1.0.0. What allows to obtain information of configurations, wireless scanned networks, sensitive directories, etc. Of the device.

Vulnerable variable:

Exploit link:


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