PLANEX CS-W50HD Hardcoded Credential

PLANEX CS-W50HD suffers from a hardcoded credential vulnerability.

MD5 | cc322becf445d8c50955b196cd8f2b4a

Reserved CVE: CVE-2017-12574

# Description
A hidden and undocumented account exists that allows attackers to gain unauthorized access and control the device completely; the account can't be modified or deleted.

# Vulnerability Type
Default user/password

# Affected Product Code Base
Firmware ver 030608

# Affected Component
Web management UI

# Attack Type

# Attack Vectors
Use hardcode hidden and undocumented account to access

# Discoverer
Kenney Lu (Trend Micro)

# Vulnerability Detail
A hardcoded credential asupervisor:dangerousa was injected into web authentication database a/.htpasswd" during booting process, users canat change or modify, and the privilege will be administrator.

# Status
Fixed in firmware ver 030720

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