cPanel Cross Domain Scripting / Information Disclosure

cPanel suffers from cross domain scripting, user enumeration, and information disclosure vulnerabilities.

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===[ Introduction ]===

cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings
of web hosting servers.
cPanel equips server administrators with the necessary tools to provide
top-notch hosting to customers on tens of thousands of servers worldwide.

===[ Description ]===

I) Cross Domain Scripting :
A local user can run JavaScript code in other user's domain and access
cookies and compromise the victim website.
POC : User "hacker" makes ".htmltemplates" directory in hacker's homepage
(/home/hacker/.htmltemplates/) and makes "exploit" file containing
JavaScript. Now this script can be called from hacker's domain
( :

But, the script is also accessible from other hosted domains (for example :

Here, the hacker's code is running in another domain's area and's cookies can be read.
A demonstrative video for this vulnerability can be found here :

II) Find existing system users :
Any unauthorized visitor can find valid system users.
POC : If the hacker calls "entropysearch.cgi" script with an invalid
username, the error message will be :
"Could not chdir into /.htmltemplates: No such file or directory"

But if the hacker calls "entropysearch.cgi" script with a valid username,
the error message will be :
"Could not chdir into /home/victim/.htmltemplates: No such file or directory"

The hacker can make a dictionary attack to find several valid usernames.

III) Find user's homepage :
If a hacker knows the username, then user's homepage address can be found.
POC : :
"Could not chdir into /home2/victim/.htmltemplates: No such file or

This can be useful for further attacks.

===[ Patching ]===

cPanel believes that these are not security vulnerabilities, so the issue
already exist.

===[ Timeline ]===

[06/12/2016] - Vendor notified
[06/12/2016] - Vendor verified reception of the report
[09/12/2016] - Vendor responded that these are not security vulnerabilities
[10/12/2016] - POC video sent to vendor explaining the severity of cross
domain scripting vulnerability
[06/01/2017] - No response from vendor, so vendor was contacted again
[11/01/2017] - No response from vendor, public disclosure

===[ Credits ]===

Vulnerabilities have been discovered by Omid @ Open Security.

===[ References ]===

Open Security :

Original Advisory :

POC Video :

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