ZTE ZXDSL 831CII - Improper Access Restrictions

EDB-ID: 43188
Author: Ibad Shah
Published: 2017-11-27
CVE: CVE-2017-16953
Type: Webapps
Platform: Hardware
Vulnerable App: N/A

 # Date: 27/11/2017 
# Exploit Author: Ibad Shah
# Vendor Homepage: zte.com.cn
# Software Link: -
# Version: - ZXDSL - 831CII
# Tested on: Windows 10
# CVE :- 2017-16953

The Router usually servers html files & are protected with HTTP Basic
Authentication. However, the CGI files does not protect this file from
getting exposed to public. A Simple GET request would be needed to
made to router that would give a remote attacker an opportunity to
modify router PPPoE configurations, setup malicious configurations
which later could lead to disrupt network & its activities.

Proof Of Concept

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